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Did Your Uni or Course Provider Lie to You?

 I did an interview on ABC Radio last week with my good friend and web designer – Derek Rescei – in it we discussed the problems most small business owners face out in the real world – and I firmly attribute some of these problems to our technical education providers.

Let me explain.

The biggest lie, belief, myth or fairytale that many university and course providers push on all of us is that if you become technically excellent as a provider of health services – then you will untimately have a great health business – WRONG!!!!

I have seen countless technically excellent clinicians across dozens of health services – fail miserably due to poor people skills, lack of marketing knowledge, poor business skill and low levels of time management ability – none of which we are taught as part of our university training.

I encourage all health educators to seriously look at incorporating more of these topics into their training programs.

I  welcome your comments and feedback on this most sensitive of topics.

You can also listen to this 15 ABC minute interview by going to:

Paul Wright



7 thoughts on “Did Your Uni or Course Provider Lie to You?

  1. Pam Kaur

    Hi Paul,
    Interesting and very valid point. To the same effect, there is no emphasis placed on new graduates starting out a business within the first year of graduation. I remember my lecturer asking the entire ‘Management of the Physio Practice’ class who would want to open up a business in the first year of graduation…and I was the only one with my hand up (to no surprise I opened my business in my first year). But that was it…there was no encouragement towards the same nor were there any questions directed to me as to why, how or when I was going to do it.

    There definitely needs to be more of a focus and even a couple more subjects at uni focusing on business development skills.

    Pam Kaur.
    Pam Kaur Physiotherapy.

  2. beppe

    hi paul,
    im from italy and here the situation is worst and worst….
    i think that one single lession at university about health business presented like you do would be worth a fortune.
    however i found you and i made by myself….
    thank’s for your job and sorry for my english.
    bye from italy.
    what about a seminar here with us?

  3. Ariel Gonzalez

    Hi Paul

    The Fitness course I did, was actually cleverly marketed to plant the idea that people were going to make all this money, but the reality was there was little in the way of business training during the course.

    What was covered was just glossed over.

    It was also interesting that at the first lecture during the course, all students were asked what they wanted to do once they completed their studies, and not a single one (other than me) knew what they wanted to do once they finished. It blew me away that so much money, time and effort was going into a course with no plan, or idea of why they were doing it.

    I know of just one other person that went into business and is doing ok.

    Ariel Gonzalez
    Motivate You Fitness & Personal Training

  4. Lahn U

    Hi Paul.
    I totally agree with your comments. I tend to think the massage industry has the most problems. Massage therapists have tendency to just sit and hope that clients will come to their clinc. I strongly emphasize the need to apply good marketing and business skills to ensure clients return. You may be a great therapist, but if the client doesn’t return, it doesn’t count and you can’t grow your business. Alot of this is due to a major lack of teaching in business skills in our courses. I strongly recommend all health practitioners to go to alot of business skills seminars such as yours to gain a better understanding of this area because at the end of the day, we’re here to help people but we still need to make money.

    Also, thanks for your free webinars. They are always full of useful information.


  5. Tim Ling

    Hi Paul,

    I have the same background as you in Physiotherapy. I agree that undergraduate courses are not geared towards owning a health business at all. The fact of the matter is that not a huge proportion of undergrads are going to go into business for themselves. We are (thankfully) in the minority. The universities are always going to focus on clinical/technical excellence – and that is a reasonable part of a good business. If you have a poor product to sell, you are not going to be so successful. I totally agree that the skills you need to run a good, profitable business are completely different to the skills needed to be a good technician/clinician. Certainly I have seen many good clinicians go out of business for lack of business acumen.

    It would be good at an undergraduate level, in my opinion, to have business electives or to have some guidance for those of us that want to go into business for ouselves. Perhaps our governing bodies (in Physiotherapy’s case – The Physio Business Australia portion of the Australian Physiotherapy Association) should be looking into and lobbying Tertiary education providers about the defecits in their courses.

    I personally don’t believe that my course providers lied to me about health business – it simply was not mentioned and was not on the radar. Some assistance in accessing business information and business knowledge at University/College would have made my life easier in my first few years of business.

    Good topic to raise and should be discussed amongst the educators of all our professions.

    Thanks Paul,

    Tim Ling
    Advantage Healthcare

  6. Russell Wright

    I don’t think Uni has a responsibility to teach you business skills in a Physio degree. If you want business skills, do a course on business skills. Paul; you have made a good living out of this not being covered at Uni, so why do you care? Is your next move into lecturing at Uni?

    What if you don’t ever want to be in private practice, just like too much time is put into cardiopulmonary physio for those of us who hate sputum clearance.

    P.S. I don’t ever remember anyone at uni saying I would be successful with good clinical skills anyway.

  7. Jason Bradley

    Hey Paul,

    Great point, after working with Paul for a few years i realised how much i hadn’t learnt at university about how to run a business not just be a therapist. Even though I own my own practice now i still use all the great business skills and protocols i learnt working with Paul.

    Keep up the great posts

    Jason Bradley
    BodyWorx Physio

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