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How This Social Media and Online Advertising Strategy Can Save You a Fortune

In Melbourne on Saturday myself, Nick Schuster and Matthew Holmes delivered the final live seminar in the series – “How to Use Social Media and Online Advertising to Attract High Quality Clients in 2018 and Beyond

At these live events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne we shared our best and most successful online strategies with close to 150 allied health business owners and their teams.

In my session I shared one key use of social media and online advertising which many health business owners do not take advantage of – but should.

The strategy involves using social media and online advertising to test the potential interest in a program or service – before spending a fortune and many hours of time creating the full program.

My recent live seminar series is a classic example of this exact strategy.

Let me explain.

In my work with allied health business owners I am constantly looking out for opportunities – hot topics – gaps in the market – and areas where health business owners need help.

I had a strong belief many health business owners were becoming more and more frustrated by social media and online advertising – and would pay good money to get help.

Which is where the idea for the live events and “done for you team training package” was born.

But I was not 100% certain health business owners had a strong enough interest in this area – it was just a hunch.

So I created the live event series – spent some money on online advertising and some time spreading the word on social media – and waited to see if we got any registrations.

As it turned out – nearly 150 owners registered across the 3 events – sending me a very clear message – they wanted help with social media and online advertising.

Once we saw the interest was there – Matt, Nick and I then created our full presentations – and I paid the deposits on all live seminar venues.

Now – if I received no registrations for these events – it would have been a clear message the market was not interested and I would have shelved the product.

See the strategy?

Say you are thinking about creating a program to reduce back pain in golfers.

Put on a live seminar at your local golf club, spend a little money on social media and online advertising – and see if anyone registers.

If there is no interest – then you may decide to drop the program altogether – and look to fill another niche.

Too many health business owners fall in love with their new idea – spend months (even years) creating it – then finally launch – only to find the market is not interested and it ends up being a waste of time and money.

Social media and online advertising gives you a fast and relatively cheap way to test the markets interest in your idea – just like I have done in my seminars.

I hope you use this strategy as well

For those who were unable to attend the live seminar series – I recorded the Sydney session – and am now busily adding a host of extra content and screen shares – to create my new “done for you” team training program called:

Ultimate Social Media and Online Advertising – How to Use Social Media and Online Advertising to Attract High Quality Clients“.

I am still editing video and adding a huge list of bonus resources – from some of the worlds leading social media and online advertising gurus – so keep an eye out for the new program when it becomes available.

If you want to guarantee you don’t miss out on the special launch offer for this pack – send us an email to and we will add you to a special email list and let you know when it is available.