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A Massive Online Marketing Mistake That Costs You Thousands – Are You Making It?

Many health business are using online advertising to grow their practices – and why would’nt they – with so many potential clients searching the internet for solutions to their health problems.

The massive exposure offered by platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube and even Linkedin – make it almost mandatory to at least test online advertising to see if you can generate new clients at a cost effective rate.

However – there is a fundamental mistake many health business owners make – when exploring these online advertising options – and it relates to basic human psychology.

Here it is:

A confused mind ALWAYS says NO !!!!!

Essentially – this fundamental relates to the inability of most human beings to make a decision – about anything – when confronted by too many options and distractions.

We don’t want to make a bad choice or appear silly – so we reduce this risk by not making a decision at all – we do nothing.

We have all been in this situation.

I am currently doing the research for a new car – however there are three or four potential options I am looking at – so I am in a state of confusion over which car is the best one for me.

So what do I do – even after I have done a test drive?

I say “NO” – and walk away from the dealership.

I am confused and don’t want to make a mistake – by choosing the wrong vehicle.

Your potential patients are doing the same thing right now.

They are researching the options for their specific health concern – trying to make the best possible decision on what to do next.

So where does that leave your online advertising?

You may have a killer Google Ad with a great click through rate – that attracts people with back pain – but if you make the mistake of sending this interested person to a generic landing page – or even worse – your practice home page – you are going to burn through a lot of money very fast and say that online advertising does not work for you.

The person clicked to find out about “Back Pain” solutions (and you paid for the click by the way) – however the page you sent them to tells them about your knee pain program, your Pilates classes, your product range – and even has a link to an article you have written about Dog Therapy.

See the issue.

The landing page you send people too from your online advertising options MUST refer specifically to the problem they have – and point them towards ONLY ONE action.

Your call to action on the landing page must be simple, obvious and crystal clear – with no distractions that can take them away from performing the action you want them to complete.

If you want them to download your free report – then this is the only offer on the page – they choose to download it or not – end of story.

If you want them to call your clinic for an appointment – this is the only offer on the page – they choose to call or not.

The more options you present – and the more complex the decision required – they will default to the line of least resistance – which is to do nothing and walk away – just like I do at the car dealers.

I hope this makes sense and give you some clarity in your online marketing activities.

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