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A Facebook Tip All Health Business Owners Must Know

Many health businesses use Facebook to stay in touch with their valued clients – and are in a constant race for likes, views and shares.

However, if we are hearing Mark Zuckerberg correctly – it is going to become harder and harder for small businesses to use Facebook pages for this purpose – at least with the free options.

Many Facebook business users have already seen a dramatic drop in the number of views and shares of their regular posts.

There are 2 reasons for this:

Firstly – Facebook is a business and wants you to pay to ensure your posts and updates get seen – so by cutting back how often your free content is shared – you will be more inclined to pay to advertise or boost posts.

So this is a straight business and profit centred decision by Facebook.

Secondly – the future success of FB as a social media giant – relies on it being a platform that encourages human connection, emotion and interaction between users – not just a platform that lets business users bombard people with sales messages.

Many FB users are already concerned about the increasing business and commercial use of the platform – which is a big issue for the powers that be at the FB helm.

The reduced visibility of posts and comments is why many smart health business owners have started using Private Facebook Groups – as the preferred way to stay connected with their client and contacts.

The higher level of personalization and interaction provided by members of these private groups – is exactly what FB wants to see on the platform.

As a result of this higher level of engagement – private group owners are being rewarded with higher visibility and greater exposure to the group members when the owner of the group posts content.

Members of a Private Facebook Group have lots in common and relate to each other on a much more personal level – than operating outside of the Private Group.

Which we all now know – is exactly what Facebooks wants to be know for – the place for people to relate, interact and communicate on a more personal level.

I suggest you think seriously about adopting this strategy in your health business.

But you have to do it correctly to…

– Attract the right clients for your practice.

– Promote interaction to make your group active and grow naturally on its own.

– And promote your practice without coming across like a wet blanket on the discussion.

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Paul Wright



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