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How to Get Social Media Success in 2018 – Don’t Miss This

What if you could discover the exact secrets, marketing campaigns, and patient attraction offers that will grow your health business, increase profits and build a thriving practice that works without you …. In JUST ONE DAY?

As promised in last weeks email – you can find out how at my BRAND NEW live events:

How to Use Social Media and Online Advertising to Attract High Quality Clients in 2018 and Beyond

As much as I hate to admit it – if you do not understand how to use social media and online advertising to grow your practice, you are being left behind.

These incredible ONE DAY events will give you the clarity, direction and peace of mind that comes from understanding EXACTLY how to use social media marketing and online marketing to fill your practice with ideal clients.

You will leave these seminars with your exact marketing campaigns and social media programs explained – no more uncertainty, stress or worry that happens when you don’t know how to market your practice in the new economy.

Joining me on the podium at these events will be two other leading health professionals and marketing experts – Matthew Holmes – a Chiropractor, director of Clear Health Media and online advertising expert  – PLUS Nick Schuster – social media guru, practice owner and creator of The Ultimate Physio Program.

These guys know their stuff and have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for theirs and their clients practices using Facebook, Google Adwords and online marketing.

The Super Early Bird Rate for these live events ends on Thursday June 21st – however with the incredible demand for social media success – these events will sell out fast – find out more and register NOW by clicking on the link below:

I hope to see you at one of the live events

Paul Wright



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