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Should You Join a Health Care Franchise?

In my role as a health business consultant and mentor – I see first hand – the struggles facing health business owners in private practice.

Recruitment, marketing, team training, creating systems, developing new programs and along the way – trying to stay up to date with the latest treatment techniques and protocols.

As a result – it is no surprise we have seen the growth – and success – of the franchise model of health business ownership.

Under the franchise model – the business owner hands off some (or all) of these responsibilities to the franchisors proven systems – so the owner can get back to doing what they often do best – treating and caring for clients.

I have been fortunate to see first hand the progress of some incredible franchise groups around the world.

Jason Smith from Back in Motion

Including Jason Smith from Back in Motion , Greg Dower and Darren Steward from MyFootDr in Australia, and my good friend Alain Scheldeman and his partners at Action Sport Physiotherapy in Quebec, Canada.

These franchisors have been an absolute godsend for many health business owners in private practice – who in some cases were about to throw in the towel, close their clinics and go and work for someone else.

Now, while it is great to look at the franchise path and see the many benefits provided by being part of a larger chain of practices – you also need to understand the negatives of franchising.

Some owners hate being told what to do ( Like ME) and want to run their business the way they want – which is why many of them went into business in the first place.

Others don’t want to pay the franchise fees and setup costsinvolved in joining a franchise.

It is therefore vital for any health business owner – thinking about joining a franchise group – to take a long hard look at the negatives as well as the positives of joining the group.

For some – a franchise model is a huge relief – for others it can cause more problems than it fixes.

For this reason – the best franchisors do a highly detailed pre- franchise interview and analysis on any applicant – to ensure the potential franchisee is a great fit for that particular group.

You should also spend the time to speak to as many current franchisees as possible (not just the franchisor) – to find out what being part of the group is really like.

This research is invaluable when making your decision to join  or not to join.

So take your time in this decision and do your homework before making the leap into franchising.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

FREE Practice Survey from Back In Motion

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Paul Wright