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How a Moist Towel Can Add 100K to Your Practice Profits

I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing dental business expert Dr David Moffet – for my Profit Club health business education program.

David is a real health business success story having sold his dental practice for a cool $2.75 million, consistently increase his prices (10.55% per year, on average) while retaining over 90% of his patients and DOUBLE his cold phone conversion rates, using a strategy that will take you less than 10 minutes to set up.

In this incredible session David talked about how many of his clients are able to increase their health business profits by over 100K a year by adding some of his simple steps to their clients journey.

David is all about creating the ultimate patient experience – and the suggestions he made in this interview are so simple – and more importantly – cheap – I am staggered more health professionals are not all over them.

One of his best strategies it to ensure all patients are handed a hot moist towel at the end of each treatment session – like the ones you receive on international flights.

This simple gesture – which costs less than 20 cents per towel to do – is a real talking point with his patients – and you can guarantee his competitors are not doing it.

In another part of the interview David talks about how he gives each and every patient his private business card – with his personal mobile phone number on it – and says:

Look, even if you’re not in pain – at least send me an e-mail or give me a call and let me know you’re feeling better.”

As David says – it becomes virtually IMPOSSIBLE for a patient to leave you, or quibble over money… after being treated like this.

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Paul Wright