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5 Ways to Increase Patient Visit Average

I received this simple question for a “Profit Club” member last week and thought it worth a reply – as there is no doubt that one of the most important statistics in your health business is your individual therapists “Patient Visit Average” (PVA) and your overall clinic PVA.

The question was “Paul – What are your top 5 ways to increase PVA in a health business?”

 For those new to this term – your PVA is essentially a measure of the average number of consults that each client has over a set period of time in your business. For example – if I see one client for a total of 10 consults over a 3 month period and a second client for 6 consults in the same 3 month period – then my PVA is 10 plus 6 (16 ) – divided by 2 – which equals 8. So my PVA over this 3 month period would be 8 consults.

This is an important stat because it really helps you determine who the most effective therapists are in your business and who needs help in their treatment plans – but don’t be fooled – a lower PVA is rarely a sign of an exceptional therapist – paradoxically the higher the PVA the better the therapist and the better their results –but that’s another topic in itself.

So here are my top 5 PVA increasers:

1. Give your clients a plan at the end of their first session:

I continue to be amazed at the number of health business owners that say to their new patients at the end of the first session – “I will see you next week and we will go from there” – or some other lame direction.  All patients need a direct and definite plan of action – including the number of sessions you predict the specific problem will take.

2. Be confident when outlining your plan:

If you think the patient needs to be treated by you 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks to be right to play in their Grand Final then that is your professional opinion – nothing more and nothing less – that’s what the patient paid you for – ie your opinion. Don’t give the patient a watered down plan of action, eliminate “umms” and “ahhs” in your plan delivery and be firm in all recommendations.

3. Block Book the Sessions in Advance

This is a great PVA builder and an essential part of all health businesses – the patients MUST understand that you are offering them a treatment plan – not a session by session experience. Once you have outlined your plan, take the patient to the front counter and book the required number of sessions then and there with the statement that “you will need to book these sessions NOW or the time slots will book out”. Your admin team should explain to the patient when they first arrive at your practice that they will be block booked for all follow up sessions – that’s just the way you do it in your business.

4. Train Your Team in the Above Points

Every week at Get Active I do some sort of “role play” or “dummy consult” with my team members – all the while working on the words they use, the way they say things, the quality of their delivery – as well as the quality of their clinical diagnosis. Some health professionals will say that this is too scripted and too manufactured – but bear in mind – there are a thousand things you can say the wrong way to a new patient that will stop them from coming back and more importantly – stop them from getting the value and results that your treatment plan can deliver. You owe it to every patient to be the best you can be at these business fundamentals – otherwise everybody loses.

5. Set Goals and Display the Results

We very openly display our individual therapists PVA and overall clinic PVA on our team noticeboards and in our team newsletters. I want every team member to see their results against everyone else – and let me tell you something that I know to be 100% true – “what you can measure you can manage “ and “what you measure will improve”. As soon as you tell your team you are going to measure, record and display each team members PVA – it will go up – guaranteed.

Much of the content of these 5 PVA tips is taken from my webinar “The Practice Acceleration Program – 12 Steps to a Great Health Business in ONLY 42 Days” – if you have not yet seen this FREE presentation you can register and find out more at

I look forward ot your comments.

Paul Wright



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