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Wrighty Picks Up Fourth – Another Key Business Lesson for Everyone

In my post last week I wrote about my miserable failure on Day One of the New South Wales Masters Surf Lifesaving titles.

Smashed by a big set of waves at the start of my surf ski race – and ended up coming a distant last place.

In the email and post I also mentioned a key business lesson – “The Sun Always Comes Up” – meaning – even though Day One of the competition was a disaster – I still had Day Two events to make amends.

You will be happy to know – Day Two – was much more successful than the Day One debacle.

My long suffering ski partner and I picked up a solid 4th place in the double ski ( in a hot field) and our team also came home 4th in the ski relay.

Now what is the key business lesson from my NSW State Surf Lifesaving titles?

The obvious one is to never give up and know there will always be better days ahead.

However- there is another key business lesson you all MUST understand.

Your patients and clients want to get to know you on a more personal level.

I was blown away by the number of emails and comments I received in response to the email about my surf ski failure at the state titles.

Messages of support – encouragement – and just enjoying getting an insight into my life outside of being a lecturer and business mentor.

In fact – we had more interaction, replies and response to that email – than to any of our past posts or messages.

The reason for this is very simple.

I shared one of my personal passions – and the struggles I have taming the 6 metre long surf ski.

You – my fantastic group of health professionals and owners – now know me on a more personal level.

I could have given you the same business lessons – ie never give up, there are always people doing it tougher than you etc – in a straight email.

BUT – it would not have had anywhere near the same impact as it did – when i wrapped the lessons up in a personal story about my surf ski struggles.

People love stories about people.

Why do you think TV shows like Married at First Sight ( a classic ) and The Bachelor – are so popular.

So what is your takeaway lesson from this?

Put more of your personality and your life outside of the treatment room – into your emails, blog posts, social media message and marketing.

Let your patients and clients – share your life – not just see you as their health professional.

I know for a fact – when I see you next at a conference or event – you will ask me how my surf ski paddling is going.

Or have a laugh with me about my love of the TV show – “Married at First Sight”.

We will share a deeper connection than if you just know me as a health business mentor and coach.

I hope this helps you in your health business.