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The Key Number Which Shows Your Health Business is In Trouble

I have been busy these past few weeks recording interviews for my next event – the “World Podiatry Business Success Summit” – which features over 20 of the worlds leading Podiatry and general health business experts – all sharing their absolute best health business strategies and secrets.

Whilst this new online summit will not go live until April 2018 – I wanted to share with you one of the key lessons to come out of the interviews so far.

The problem of the “One Treatment Wonder“.

Every expert I have interviewed for the Podiatry Summit are all over their statistics and KPI’s – and one key number they track is “% No Follow-Up“.

They want to know the percentage of new patients who DID NOTbook a follow up consultation with the therapist who did the initial assessment.

Now we all know there are certain situations where the patient does not require a follow up session post assessment – however – these situations are rarer than you think.

Even if the patient needs to go for a scan or Orthopedic review – they may still require future care from you – whilst the surgical plan is outlined.

You would be staggered by the number of clients your team are assessing – and being told at the end of that assessment to:

Call me if you are still in pain“.

Some of the experts on the summit want to keep their “% No Follow-Up” to less than 10% of all new clients seen.

Some are OK with 20%.

However – I know many health businesses with a % No Follow-Up is as high as 50%.

Image how many new patients need to be coming into a health business to keep the doors open –  if 50% of these new clients only have a single consult?

Imagine how much money needs to be spent on marketing to keep the new clients flowing.

But worst of all – imagine how many patients of this clinic are still walking around in pain, uncertain of their treatment plan and still looking for a solution to their problem.

Don’t let this happen to your valued new clients.

Make sure you team are all making suitable and professional treatment plans for every new client.

Make sure your therapists are making their treatment recommendations based on their professional opinion and expertise – not being governed by the perceived financial position of the client.

This is one of the most important roles of all health business owners – to ensure your clients get the best possible outcome every time – not get a watered down and ineffective treatment plan.

I hope this helps in your health business – and I suggest you share this message with all team members.