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Why Old Selling Does Not Work in Health Care

In my post last week I mentioned an incredible training session I recorded for my Profit Club program – with my good friend and mentor – Steve Brossman.

In the training session Steve made reference to the fact that typically used “Old Selling” methods no longer work – and why they especially don’t work in the health care sector.

Steve explained “Old Selling” as the typical “meet and greet”, followed by the presentation of your product, then the dreaded “close” where you make the follow up bookings , then finally overcoming objections to your program.

In the allied health care setting this old selling method would start with the initial examination, then the report of findings (action plan delivery), then the booking of a single follow up consultations and finally payment.

In Steve’s suggested “Blueprint Conversion System” this system is turned on it’s head.

The client arrives at your practice knowing you are already the authority in your field and have the exact program they need to achieve their desired outcome – be it to return to sport, get back to work or live a pain free life.

By starting as the authority in the clients eyes – you already have their trust – so you immediately move into a collaborative approach where you identify the clients needs, wants and why.

You then work together to create their individual program or blueprint – which leads to the agreed next step (booking all follow up sessions in advance) – and ultimately leads to a successful outcome for the client.

The secret to the Blueprint Conversion System is to make you and your program – the absolute authority in the specific area of concern the client has.

You become the obvious (and hopefully ONLY) choice for the client – making booking of multiple follow up sessions, compliance with your program, paying whatever fees you decide to charge – absolute NON ISSUES for your client.

The “Authority Blueprint System” is an absolute game changer for all health business owners and will not only increase your business success – but dramatically improve your clients clinical outcomes.

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