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How to Make Price Comparison Impossible in Your Health Business

I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing one of my business mentors Steve Brossman – for my Profit Club health business education program (Steve is in the photo below with his wife Pam and Virgin creator – Richard Branson).

In his session Steve talked about how the majority of health business make the classic mistake of selling session by session consultations and not packaging their services into “results focused programs“.

One of the biggest benefits of packaging your treatment programs is that it makes price comparison impossible.

In my Physiotherapy clinics we had numerous packages and programs – including “The Better Back Program and the CORE Program” – which were unique to my businesses.

No other clinics in our area  (before I made these programs available on ) had a Better Back Program or a CORE Program.

Thus making price comparison between my clinic and other practices in the area – impossible.

In his session Steve talks in great detail about his “Blueprint Conversion System” and how you can use this plan to take a potential client from being uncertain about your services to being  a raving fan – and fully engaging in your treatment plan.

The idea behind Steve’s Blueprint System is to collaborate with the client – not convince them of their need for your services, map their emotional journey and demonstrate how you will take them from pain to payoff.

As Steve said in his presentation “The purpose of the blueprint is to be able to demonstrate financial and emotional value significantly greater than the investment required

He then gave multiple examples of how business owners have been able to reinvent their businesses, increase their fees, and stand out from the competition using the “Blueprint Philosophy”.

Including the Podiatrist who went from struggle session by session bookings to being the most sought after expert in his region – simply by re-branding himself and his program to his target audience.

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