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Married at First Sight – a Marketers Dream

Following on from last years revelation about my interest in the reality TV show – “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” – I feel my credibility is about to take another massive blow.

I really like “Married at First Sight“.

For those not aware of this masterful piece of entertainment – it is a show where relationship experts match up a couple and arrange a mock wedding – where they get married an instant after meeting each other.

Then spend the next  six weeks sharing a flat, meeting family and friends and just getting to know each other.

Whoever thought of this must be an absolute genius – it is train wreck television at it’s absolute best and is rating the house down.

The current Australian series ratings have been greatly assisted by some potential partner shuffling – and general underhanded behaviour – which must have had the program directors rubbing their hand together with glee.

Anyway – what has the success of this show got to do with running a great health business ?

Well – there are a number of marketing lessons for us in business we can all learn from “Married at First Sight” (MAFS)

Firstly – if you really want to connect with your clients – it is important to have things in common that you can talk about during your consultations.

I can only imaging how many therapy rooms across the country are filled today with the discussion about the latest episode of MAFS.

Whilst the stuffy – up tight – professionals are sticking up their noses at the thought of discussing reality television  – at the exact same time there are clients and therapists sharing their thoughts about the next MAFS crisis.

But more importantly – building massive rapport and having lots of fun along the way.

Secondly – the popularity of MAFS shows how little the general public really care about facts and figures – and how interested we are in people and their stories.

So in your next clinic newsletter – don;t ramble on about the latest in hamstring strain rehabilitation – talk to your clients on a person level.

Share stories of your family, your holiday, or inspiring stories and photos of your 80 year old client who has overcome a knee replacement to climb a mountain.

You can even share ( as I am ) your interest in reality television and Married at First Sight.

I can tell you with 100% certainty – if I ever get to see you in person – you will remember this email about MAFS with much more clarity than any email I could ever write about P and L or KPIs.

I am sure you will even rubbish me for my taste in television.

There is a marketing lesson in this my friends.

Note – My other favourite thing about MAFS is that Helen and the girls are right into it as well – so we all gather around the TV for every episode and have heaps of fun as a family.

I can’t wait to see what happens next – classic television – ha ha.

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