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Business Secrets from the Shark Tank with Glen Richards

I have just returned home from a weekend speaking at the In Business In Health conference in Brisbane – and what a great event it was.

I had the absolute pleasure of sharing the stage with some incredible investors, innovators and gurus – including Glen Richards – one of the Sharks on the Australian Shark Tank program.

Glen gave a great presentation about his journey from being a Vet in regional Queensland – to being one of the countries leading investors and business gurus.

One of Glens key business lessons was to make sure you are patient in your business development and create a strong platform for growth.

This is excellent advice – and something I wish I have learnt earlier in my business career.

Too many health business owners are in such a hurry to grow their teams or increase their number of clinics – they expand BEFORE the platform is correctly in place.

Their systems are not set in stone.

Their teams are not all following the protocols.

Or there is not enough available labour supply to provide the treatment services required in the expanded clinic.

That being said – Glen is all for aiming big and raising your line of sight – so you can achieve great things BUT – you MUST establish solid systems and processes to give your expansion plans the best chance of success.

I hope you take Glens message on board.