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If You Know This Number – You Can Spend More Time with Your Family and Friends

I love working with health business owners.

They care deeply about their clients and teams.

They are dedicated and work hard and long to keep everyone happy.

Well almost everyone.

Unfortunately – many health business owners care so deeply about their patients, staff and their business overall – they neglect the people who really matter.

Namely – their wife/husband/partner – and their children.

I see it over and over again – owners spending an incredible number of hours at their clinics – but not being at home for special family events – or even home for dinner each night.

In fact – one of the first things I do when I take on a new client into my private mentor program – is to cut their consulting hours so they can be more present for their family.

I was very fortunate to learn from one of my early mentors the real job of a business – to give you MORE LIFE.

This can be a hard step for many health business owns to take– as many are of the belief (sometimes mistakenly) if they are not actively treating clients – they are on the path to financial ruin.

It’s the old Dentist philosophy – “If you are not drilling – you are not billing”.

This is why it is so important for health business owners to have a real down and dirty Profit and Loss analysis available to them each and every month.

This analysis allows owners to see exactly how much PROFIT their business generated in the past month(s) and the impact cutting their consulting hours has on this profit figure.

If you know exactly how much profit you make – you can decide if you really need to work later into the evening -or on the weekends.

Many owners just get into the habit of treating client after client – and not really understanding if they need to or not.

Remember – the role of the business is to give you more life – not take it away.

What can you do to spend more time at home?

Start by working out an accurate monthly P and L figure so you are crystal clear about how many hours you need to work to pay the bills.

Then decide on your consulting roster based on this analysis.

Remember – you can always make more money – but the valuable time with your family and friends – can sometime be very limited.

One of the real benefits of my “One Minute Practice” online health business tracking program – is the way the program lets you keep on top of your Profit and Loss on a monthly basis.

One Minute Practice allows you to see exactly your month by month profit ( in real world figures) – so you can instantly see the impact of your consulting reduction program and help you spend more time with the people who truly matter.

If you want to find out more about the One Minute Practice program – and how it can dramatically increase your level of health business control – go to the page below:

On the page you can also register to view a free presentation “How to Run a One Minute Practice” which I recorded live last year – where I go into detail about how to track your P and l.

You can register for this under the “webinars” tab.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright



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