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Is Your Business Boring – I Hope So?

I love hearing the story of successful business owners and the keys to their incredible success.

One of my favorites is Ray Kroc – the founder of the McDonalds franchise – who once said:

Successful businesses are fundamentally boring – they are a collection of a few simple systems and processes performed incredibly well over and over again“.

I believe this is one of the problems with many health businesses – the owners don’t master the basics before moving onto more advanced marketing and business processes.

I see it over and over again with clients in my private mentor program.

I work with my private clients to oversee the setup of some fundamental business processes – such as action plans, follow up phone calls, re-booking systems and cancellation reduction processes.

However – it does not take long for my client to get bored with checking these essential systems and go searching for the next bright – shiny – object – such as Facebook advertising or Instagram (whatever that is).

I have to work very hard to keep them focused on the fundamentals and ensure these systems become part of the business culture BEFORE they move onto more advanced marketing and business system creation.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Keep to the plan.

Identify the 4-6 key systems you know generate the best return in your business and get to work training your team, checking the quality of the delivery, and then retraining your team.

You have to get to the point where these steps and processes seem BORING to you.

However – remember the key point.

When YOU are getting bored with the fundamentals and are sick to death of repeating the training over and over again – your team may be just starting to GET IT.

You have to earn the right to move onto the more advanced systems in business – assuming of course – you even need to use any advanced systems at all.

As Ray Kroc said – the best and most successful businesses are fundamentally boring.

Coaching Update – January 2018

As you know – my private mentor program is always booked out – however I may be opening a limited number of spots in the  program in early 2018.

If you are serious about growing your health businesses and want to really fast track the process click on the link below:

I will then be in touch to make sure we are a good fit and let you know when a spot opens up in the program.