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How to Measure Your Admin Team Performance – More Summit Secrets

As the dust from the incredible “World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit” settles – I once again want to turn your attention to the importance of your admin team in the success of your health business.

Hopefully – having listened or watched the experts on the summit I do not need to convince you just how vital your admin team are to your success – however there is a common question I get asked at almost all of my presentations:

“How to I measure the performance of my admin team so I know they are doing a great job?”

All great health businesses have solid KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for their therapists – however very few have KPIs for their admin team members.

Which is a BIG MISTAKE.

To get you thinking about exactly what to measure when it comes to your admin teams performance – here is just one of the KPI’s you should be tracking:

Admin KPI – Clinic Utilization Rate

All admin team members MUST understand their primary role in your business is to FILL THE APPOINTMENT BOOK.

The easiest measure of this is simply your “Utilization Rate” – or in general terms – what % of your available therapist diary is filled with paying patients.

The admin team MUST know what the clinic goal is for Utilization Rates in your practice.

You may decide your clinic Utilization Rate Goal is 80% – meaning you want the admin team to make sure at least 80% of the therapists available diary space is filled with paying clients.

The admin team are then very aware of the importance of them booking in all consults the therapist recommends, following up on cancellations, getting back to clients who have left a message on your message bank or website.

By measuring the Utilization Rate – and more importantly – making the admin team aware of their role in this KPI – you instantly focus them on what is the best use of their time.

If they are tossing up between doing the filing of the morning   patients OR following up on enquiries regarding booking an appointment – the choice is clear.

You can then have regular meetings with your admin team where you point out the current Utilization Rate – and discuss exactly what the admin team can do (or do better) to improve this key performance indicator.

Remember – your team can’t hit a target they cannot see.

Make the Utilization Rate goal crystal clear to all admin team members – and train them in all the ways they can assist you in achieving the goal.

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