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Big Lesson for All Health Business Owners from the Summit Experts -Don’t Miss This

My team have just finished dealing with the huge response to the the “World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit” and what an event it was.

Over 2000 health professionals from around the world registered for and attended the online summit sessions- with some of the worlds sharpest health business experts.

So as my office gets back to normal – I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on one of the key lessons to emerge from the summit – and I can tell you from experience – if you miss this it is going to cost you thousands.

Here is a massive takeaway – if you are ready for it:

Spend MORE time training your admin team members than you do training your therapists.

How about that for a kick in the guts for our years and years of clinical education.

Every speaker on the summit spoke at length about the vital role your admin team play in the success of every health business.

Paul Gough closes his UK clinics every Wednesday morning so he can focus his admin team on the important tasks they have.

Craig Allingham expected every team member to spend weeks and weeks in training – BEFORE – they are given the important roles of dealing with clients.

Anthony Capiaghi – when taking on a new coaching client – spends the majority of his initial clinic visit sitting in his new clients waiting room – picking up on poor front desk scripts, inefficiencies and leaks.

Rick Lau went so far as to develop front desk call screening software so he could quickly and easily see where the front desk mistakes are being made.

There is a reason these experts had or have great health businesses – they train the admin team.

Here are a few admin team training tips to get you started:

– set aside a regular 1-2 hour time slot each week to spend training your front desk team

– sessions should cover how to handle appointment enquiries, cancellation conversations, how to book in all sessions the therapists suggest on the action plan, time management, stock sales.

call your office at least once a week and pretend to be a client making an enquiry about one of the areas above – a great opportunity to practice your foreign accents

– move your treatment room as close as possible to the front desk area so you can keep one ear on the front desk and pick up on areas that can be improved.

– if you are not actively treating patients spend time each week just listening to your front desk team and what is going on out there.

This One Will Upset Few People:

– install cameras and audio recorders at the front desk so you can always see and hear what is happening at the nerve centre of your business.

Hey the banks and supermarkets do it – so whats different?

Bottom line – take the initiative and invest your time and energy into your front desk team – they are your most important asset.

I hope this helps you in your health business.