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Free Video: What Every Health Business Owner Must Know

When I started my practice, I made just about every mistake possible.

I was overwhelmed….working from dawn till dusk…and missing family time.

And even with all those hours, I was still struggling financially…worried about the rent, payroll, and whether there was any way out.

Just this week I was thinking back to that period…and how painful it was driving that shitty old Ford Laser with no air conditioning in 40 degree heat in Australia.

So to help you avoid this pain I decided to share my biggest mistakes…and what I wish I knew when I first opened my practice over 20 years ago.

You get all the gory details, my mistakes, and the solutions I found in this free video…with no opt in required – just click on the link below and watch….

“What I Wish I Knew About Health Business Ownership When i Opened My First Practice 20 Years Ago”.


Here is just some of what I cover in this FREE no opt in presentation:

– How a new graduate therapist totally outperformed a 20 year veteran and how you can get newly qualified therapists to do the same.

– The biggest lie we were all told at university that sets health professionals up for business failure

– The secret recruitment strategy which virtually guarantees you hire the right person every time

– The biggest single mistake most new health business owners make that renders their business virtually un-sellable

– Why you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table by training your therapy team – and what you should be doing instead

– The most important words you MUST say to every patient which guarantees they re-book and get a great outcome from your treatment program

– How one of my thriving practices was totally shut down overnight – and the valuable business lesson for all of us in health care

– The 10 words you MUST know which will dramatically increase your family time, your job satisfaction and the quality of your relationships

This FREE video will only be available online for a short time – so make sure you watch it before it disappears.

Enjoy the video by clicking on the link below:


Enjoy the video