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World Health Business Success Summit – Free Registration

The World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit has been a HUGE hit with a massive response so far.

If for some reason have not yet registered – here are the details:

The World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit is about helping you attract high quality clients, recruit and retain dream team members and create a practice that works without you.

We’ve secured Paul Gough, Craig Allingham , Chad Madden,Trish Wisby Roth , Jason Smith, Celia Champion, Rick Lau, Rob De Nardis, Scott Willis, Darryl Yardley & many other experts from across the globe to speak.

And the good news is…
…you can claim your ticket to the event for FREE. at

Here’s just a few of the speakers’ presentation topics and strategies: 

Paul Gough (UK) will share:

–  The “Hybrid marketing approach” he is using in his clinics that is guaranteed to move a potential client to action

–    Why Paul spends over 50k a month marketing his and his clients practices – and how to make sure you get a great ROI on your marketing spend

–    The biggest marketing mistake all owners make – that defies logic – and exactly what you need to do to generate clients for your business.

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Trish Wisby Roth (Australia) with share:

– The single biggest indicator that a new team member is not going to work out and her biggest ever recruitment disasters

–    How she charges three times the fees of other therapists– and still has a 6 week waiting list

–    The exact strategy she uses that totally removes the issue of price from every patient in her practice

–    How she uses technology, apps and online tools to create an unrivaled patient experience every time

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Chad Madden (USA) will share:

–    How he went from 154 doctors referrals a month to JUST 12  a month – BUT is now 9 times more profitable and 3 times bigger– and how you can do the same in your health business

–    How he got over 3 million you tube views for one of his patient videos and how this has led to clients coming from all over the country to see him

–    Why Chad was banned from the private practice conference in the USA  and what he learnt from the experience – this is a classic marketers lesson for all of us.

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Craig Allingham (Australia) will share:

–    How to set your fees and your teams fees for maximal profits and why setting up the wrong model can lead to staff turnover

–    The best way to find and recruit ideal team members – you must be doing this

–    The truth about overservicing and underservicing in health care and why you and your team must understand this – you must get all of your team together just to watch or listen to this section of Craig’s presentation – it will dramatically increase your team re-booking rates – and client outcomes .

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Rick Lau (Canada) will share:

–    The most important numbers you must know that increase the value of your business to a potential buyer

–    How to know instantly the individual performance of each of your front desk team members

–    Why 25% of the calls to an average clinic are not being answered and how to reduce this to zero

–    The biggest online opportunity almost no health business owners know about

–    How to make facebook work for your business and why 99% of health professionals have the wrong facebook strategy

Plus outstanding sessions by some of the world’s leading health business educators and experts

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I’m really excited by the caliber of speakers we’ve been able to put together for this event, and I want you to be there.

See you at the summit.