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The Biggest Ever Health Business Recruitment Mistake – Are You Making It?

As I said in my recent blogs  I am just finishing the final edits from the expert interviews I did for the “World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit“.

In this FREE online event – you will learn the latest cutting edge business tips and strategies from 23 of the worlds leading health business experts and educators – and all from the comfort of you own home or office.

I will tell you more about The Summit and how to claim your FREE seat in the coming weeks – however I wanted to share one of the experts key strategies when it comes to finding the right people for their business.

I asked the experts to give me their best hiring and recruitment strategies – and along with some incredible hiring secrets – many of them agreed that this was an absolute hiring disaster waiting to happen.

Hiring out of desperation – not out of suitability.

I suggest you read this over and over again until it is planted in your brain for the rest of your business ownership life.

I can honestly say this single tip would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business career – so don’t skim over this golden nugget.

Essentially the expert are saving that in many health care businesses – the story is much the same.

A team member decides to leave the business and the owner is forced into a mad scramble to fill the gap in the clinic roster before the departing therapist leaves.

The therapists impending departure date ,combined with a possible lack of available applicants, compounded by a time poor owner who is too busy to focus on recruitment – lead to a “PERFECT STORM” of desperation.

In this perfect storm – the owner hires the first therapist who is breathing (even though their personality has been dead for many years) and then wonders why the new therapist does not do well in their new role.

The “desperation hire” is invariably the one who fails to re-book clients, takes lots of time off, is late to work, does not follow systems, causes friction with the rest of the team, is not engaged or rolls their eyes when you point out they ( for the tenth time) do not have their name badge on.

Sound familiar?

Every single one of the experts I interviewed for the Summit made a big deal out of the importance of correct and thorough hiring processes – and NEVER hiring out of desperation.

I once asked one of my mentors – when is it OK to hire someone who is adequate but not a super fit for my business.

His answer was a very simple – NEVER – followed by – “You are better off with no-one than the wrong person – simply because of the damage the wrong person can do to your hard earned business brand and reputation.

In the upcoming World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit all 23 experts focus on this major employment mistake plus many others.

Their incredible hiring tips, interview questions and recruitment protocols will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your business career.

I wish someone had put on a summit like this before I started my first health business over 20 years ago.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for the information on the “World Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Success Summit“.

See you soon.

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