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Is Your Health Practice Digital Ready?

Is the healthcare business environment transforming at a velocity that is making your head spin?

You will no doubt have noticed how much change is taking place at the moment in the way private practice can be managed and delivered.

Digital technology is creating many challenges, but at the same time, there are amazing new opportunities as well.

In September, The Hive will be delivering 2 day workshops on the Gold Coast (Australia) and in Liverpool (UK) about how you can navigate the changes and harness the potential of technology.

The events are called “Health 2020 – The Future Of Private Practice”, and even though the Early Bird Offers have already closed I’ve managed to secure you a 40% discount on tickets by entering the promo code – paulwright  – when you register.

The Hive is in the business of transforming private practitioners into successful business owners, and I  have just interviewed The Hive Founder and director, Troy Parsons, for Profit Club about building a high performing team culture.

These guys are extremely well regarded for the quality of their business workshops both in Australia and in the UK, and I know this event is will be well worth attending for anyone who is serious about future proofing their business.

Here’s the content lineup …

Workshop Day 1

  • The Future Of Health
    – Keynote
  • Private Practice Now vs Private Practice Of The Future
    – Breakout Groups
  • Your Leadership Mindset
    – Vision & Values Based Team Management
  • The Preventative Holistic Approach To Healthcare
    – Utilising and managing big data analytics to inform both treatment and marketing
  • Beyond “Treating Pains” – Reimagining The Business Model
– Packaging solutions

Workshop Day 2

  • Business Management & Technology Part 1
    – Navigating The Digital Landscape
  • Business Management & Technology Part 2
    – Rolling Out The Digital Management Tools
  • The VALUE of Private Practice
  • Business Mindset – Overcoming Future Obstacles
  • The Future Of Health Practice MARKETING

Remember to secure your 40% discount on tickets by entering the promo code – paulwright  – when you register.

Health 2020 – The Future Of Private Practice Workshop

When And Where?

15-16 September 2017
Gold Coast QLD


29-30 September 2017
Liverpool UK
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