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3 From 3 for the Knights – But What Did This Teach Business Owners?

Well, Well, Well – who would have thought.

My struggling Newcastle Knights Rugby League turned in a great performance on Friday night and beat the high flying Parramatta Eels in a real upset.

That makes it THREE from THREE for the Knights.

As always – there are some great business lessons to be learnt from sport – and there some great lesson here.

You never really know what is going to happen in business.

Nothing is certain.

In the case of the Parramatta Eels they looked like they just expected to win because they were playing a side that had not had many victories at all this season.

They appeared complacent and did not turn up ready to play.

So what are some of the lessons we can learn from this :

1. Always bring your A Game to every treatment session, staff meeting, lecture, presentation or interview – you never know when you are going to be really tested as a  business owner and as a therapist.

2. Don’t expect your best performing therapist will always be your best therapist – many team members lose motivation, become distracted, or mentally check out – well before they physically leave your business.So always be hiring and continue to nurture new team members who can step up is necessary.

3. Never expect your number one referrer to always be a great referrer – put systems in place to ensure you still have a steady stream of referrals even if your top dog retires, gets sick or find a different provider.

4. Don’t talk it for granted your landlord will renew your lease – take steps early to identify other properties or start the negotiation process well i advance to ensure you have a suitable location to operate your business from.

5. Don’t assume your loyal admin team member who has been with you for the past 10 years wont take legal action against you over supposed unpaid entitlements – make sure your contracts are water tight and not opening you up for potential dramas down the track.

I know this all sounds a little “doom and gloom” but I am fond of a quote attributed to Andy Grove – former CEO of Intel – who said:

Only the Paranoid Survive“.

You never know what is going to happen in business – so always be on the lookout for potential issues and don’t take anything for granted.

It can all change so quickly in business.

That being said – my Newcastle Knights go into this weekends match against premiership heavyweights – the Melbourne Storm as rank outsiders.

But you never know.

Maybe FOUR from FOUR is a possibility.

Go the Knights