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A Business Lesson from My Struggling Football Team

OK I admit it – I have been a long suffering supporter of the Newcastle Knights in the Australian National Rugby League competition for many years  – and I have to must say the last decade has been pretty dismal.

We have won the wooden spoon (the award given to the last placed team in the competition) for the last 2 years – and are currently coming last again – so we may win the dreaded spoon for a third  straight year.

However – over the last 2 weeks we have had back to back victories – not bad for a team who only won ONE game in the whole 2016 season.

So as you can see I am over the moon.

Now we still have a long way to go to revisit the glory days of 1997 and 2001 (when we won the competition) – but 2 wins on the trot – and a total of 4 wins so far for the 2017 season is a step in the right direction.

So what business lessons can we learn from the struggling Knights – that we can use in our health care businesses?

Firstly – the sun always comes up tomorrow.

Regardless of what business mistakes we have made, the marketing disasters we have attempted, the poor hiring decisions etc etc – each new day gives us a chance to start again.

The Newcastle Knights players keep turning up to training each Mondaymorning – and work on fixing what went wrong.

You must do the same in your health business.

Secondly – never give up.

We are all going to have times in business – and life- where things don’t go to plan – but the most common attribute of all successful business owners – it their incredible drive to keep going.

Even when the times are toughest – keep moving forward and learn from your mistakes.

Thirdly – your fans will support you as long as you are having a go.

The Newcastle Knights supporters keep turning up to each home game – even though they have not had much to cheer about for many years.

At our win the week before last – the team did a victor lap – as though they had won the competition – just to thank the die-hard fans who have keep showing up week in week out.

You supporters will do the same.

You family , friends and business mentors will all stand by you through the tough times – as long as you are doing your best and not giving in.

Finally – Don’t get too low when you are low ( or too high when you are high).

This is something I learnt form former Australian Cricket team captain – Steve Waugh – essentially he is saying we need to keep a check on our emotions and not let overly negative( or overly positive) feelings overcome you.

It is easy to get deflated when a few things don’t go your way – however – as we have seen with the Newcastle Knights over the past few weeks – all it takes is a couple of good things tom happen and much of the pain is forgotten.

Go the Knights – it is too much to dream of three wins in a row?

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