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Google Adwords and SEO

This post came directly from my “Profit Club” question and answer forum but I thought it made interesting reading for all health professionals.

Hi Paul,

 I listened to the Profit Club CD of the month last week – it mentioned the importance of making sure you come up at the top of Google organic search listings and in the adwords section. It also mentioned outsourcing the administration of your google adwords account and the organic search results, but it didn’t mention any companies. Alternatively, if I was going to do it myself, is there a fool-proof, quick and easy method to increase your appearance in google searches?

Thanks! Ian

Hi Ian,

Great question – it is important that all health professionals start using online marketing- as many of our clients are searching for health providers online and we will miss out if we dont take steps to have a good ranking and profile. In regards to your SEO question – here are my thoughts:

 – I don’t outsource my seo – as long as you have good content, a blog, and have a good url – that is similar to the search text – eg your url is and you want to rank well when people search in google for the term ” brisbane physio” – then you are doing OK.

 – check your current search results and see where you come up for different terms. – many seo companies will charge you to set up lots of links from other sites that may increase your organic listing but this can change rapidly as google is often changing the algorithm for ranking sites. This can be an effective strategy but the links need to be built slowly so as not to appear on Googles watch lists for unusual activity.

– seo can be a little time consuming but if you think there is a market for online shoppers in your area – then a one off investment to a good web designer is a better bet than a monthly fee to a specific seo company.

In regard to google adwords : – get your hands on a book called “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” by Perry Marshall – you can get it at Borders or Amazon – a good starting point. – again you can spend a lot of money outsourcing this work but you need to be sure that there are enough people searching for your sort of business to make it worth your while.

 – start using the “keyword tools” in google and see how many searches are being done for your keywords in your area – make sure you use a local campaign setting so you are not paying for ads that appear in other parts of the country. That being said – google adwords can be useful – and it depends how much time you want to devote to learning this area of online business.

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