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Are You the Next Australian Ninja Physio?

OK I admit it.

I love the new Australian Ninja Warrior TV show – which has just launched here is Australia.

The rating have been incredible and everyone is talking about it.

So – I thought it was worth commenting on why the juggernaut TV show is proving so popular – but also the lessons we can learn from its success.

One very obvious reason for the success of the show is the short 2-3 minute biography of each contestant shown just before the athlete attempt the course.

These short bios may include the athletes exercise background, personal tragedy, illness or past competition glory for their chosen sport.

This back story is important to the success of the show – because as human beings we all connect on a personal level – so knowing a little about each contestant gets the viewer more involved and cheering (or not) for the athlete.

Over time – if the athlete is successful and makes it to the next round – we get a little more of their back story – thus forming a deeper and deeper personal connection with the athlete.

The lesson for health business owners is very simple – include YOUR back story and bio in your marketing and on your website.

As a health professional you may have decided on your chosen path due to overcoming your own personal illness or injury.

You may have played high level sport and been so impressed by the treatment provided to you by your club physio – you wanted to be able to help other athletes just like you.

Your back story may be more business related – you opened your own Chiropractic clinic because you were frustrated by the lack of great chiropractic services in your home town.

In my case – I use my back story as a proof point that I am a great health business consultant – you all know the story – at one stage I owned six Physiotherapy clinics and rarely visited any of them.

That’s my claim to fame – and as a curious (and maybe overloaded) health business owner – you want to know how I did that.

Sometimes – your back story may be as simple as you live locally – own a Labrador and love surfing.

Your story does not necessarily need to be earth shattering.

Regardless of your back story your job is to reach out and connect with your current and future clients by sharing your story with them.

This means telling your story on your website, in facebook posts, on your linkedin profile, in your welcome emails to patients and in your marketing.

The more your audience of current and potential clients know about you – the more they can identify with you as a person – and not just as a health provider.

Remember people do business with providers they know , like and trust.

Your back story helps with all of these.

If you missed it you may want to watch the 2 minute video blog I did recently with my daughters Pugalier – “Brian” on how to use your pets to market your health business.

In my recent seminars – attendees asked me “How is Brian?” – and will remember Brian – long after they have forgotten what they learnt in the seminar.

So make sure you include lots of photos of you and your dog in your marketing.

Here is the link to the “How to Use Your Pets to Market and Grow Your Health Business” – featuring Brian – the business dog.

Remember – let people get to know you – just like they do on Australian Ninja Warrior – your health business will be much better for it.

Coaching Update – Have You Pre-Registered for Your Spot

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