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So Your Patients and Clients Do Come First – Really?

In one of my recent blog posts – I discussed the idea that as health business owners it is vital we place our own health, our families – and the welfare of our teams – ABOVE the needs and desires of your patients.

Well – did’nt that cause a flurry of replies.

Lucky I have thick skin.

It appears some health professionals feel the needs and desires of their patients MUST always be the top priority.

Is’nt that why we became health professionals in the first place?

Now I am the first to admit my opinions and ideas are not every health care professionals cup of tea – especially those from the public health sector – however I stand by my opinion.

I believe it is vital health professionals maintain balance between their personal and business lives – which means your need for exercise, adequate sleep, and the needs of your family come first when deciding how to send your time.

This balance is even more important for those of you who are business owners in health care – as you are being pulled from even more directions each and every day.

So how do you do it?

How do you balance the needs of your patients and clients – with the needs of you, your team and your family?

Here are some suggestions:

– have a regular “date” with your life partner at least once each week – Helen and I have always had “Date Day” every Friday where we go to the movies – have lunch or just hang out.

– stick to your scheduled appointment roster so you do not get overbooked for late consultations and end up missing important family events.

– spend time training your team so you know your therapists will give excellent care to those clients who are unable to get a spot in your business schedule.

– take regular mini breaks and holidays with your family and friends and leave strict instructions you ARE NOT to be contacted by your team.

– turn off your mobile phone so you are not always available to your team – you will find most issues they were about to call you about were solved once you were not available.

– teach your clients how to do business with you – get rid of them if they are a regular cancel risk or turn up late for sessions – value your time and they will value it as well.

The Most Important Lesson of All

One fundamental truths which has guided me my whole business career is:

“Never Put a Monetary Value on Your Family Time”

You can always make more money – see more clients – give more lectures – however – there are only a certain number of school concerts, weddings, and kids sporting events.

Don’t get your priorities wrong and think these family times will always be there- they wont.

NEVER EVER compare the $500 you could have made seeing an extra few clients – to seeing the delight on your daughters face when she played the recorder (poorly) at the school concert.

This my friends is a RIDICULOUS comparison – but one many health business owners seem to make every day.

Be smarter than this.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

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Best Wishes

Paul Wright