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More Trump Classics – a Business Essential

Love him or hate him – you can’t help but be interested in what good old Trumpy is up too.

Whilst I would not want him running MY country – there are still plenty of Trump business lessons and tips we can all benefit from.

I heard this Trump story recently and though it was instructive to all business owners.

The story (from a well respected and trusted source by the way) has the Don in the green room backstage at a major business conference before taking the stage as a featured speaker.

This was before he became President and was then making excellent money on the speaking circuit.

In the green room was a fellow speaker (the source) who engaged in some general chit chat with Trump.

During this conversation Trump asked the source:

So what THREE books are you reading now“.

Now the question is highly loaded – and very informative as to the mindset of many successful business leaders.

Firstly – successful people are always learning and researching – so one book is not enough for them at any one time.

Secondly – the source believes the question was a very subtle way (as subtle as Trumpy can be) to determine if Trump should spend any more of his time talking to the source. Believing that if a person is not reading from multiple sources – then they have limited value to him as a connection or colleague.

So my question to you is the same as Trumps.

What 3 books are you reading at the moment?

Take this on board and benefit from this business lesson.

OK – at least always be reading one.

For your information  – I have just finished “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone.

I am in the middle of “How to Sell Without Selling: Step-By-Step Marketing Formula to Attract Ready-to-Buy Clients…Create Passive Income and Make More Money While Making a Difference” by Terry Dean.

I am also currently reading “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown.

All great reads by the way.

I hope this Trumpism sparks your reading desire.

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