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Why Health Professionals Work So Hard and What to Do About It

At a recent live event I was speaking to a health business owner about their current working week.

On analysis – this owner was treating patients for over 50 hours a week in his clinic – PLUS managing his 5 therapists and 2 admin team members.

Any wonder he was feeling burnt out and ready to walk away from his business.

I asked him about his knowledge of the current business performance – with specific regard to his P and L – at which time I was non surprised by his answers.

Like many health business owners – he had very little knowledge of the current profitability of his business – other than what his accountant gives him once a year as part of his end of year tax returns.

This lack of P and L information is exactly why many health business owners are doing so many hours each week seeing clients – and as a result – neglecting the marketing, team training, recruitment and other aspects of the business.

Most owners are tied to the “consulting equals income” mentality – and cannot for the life of them – understand that their business could be even more profitable – if they reduced their consulting hours – and focused more on marketing, recruitment, team training and system development.

Bottom line – you MUST know your P and L each and every month – so you are able to make smart decisions regarding how many hours each month you spend actually treating patients.

From my experience – the most successful owners do very little consulting each week with patients – they know the most important use of their valuable time is not treating patients – but developing systems and working ON the business – not IN the business.

At my UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester this weekend – I will show you exactly how to measure your P and L – accurately – so you know how much consulting you need to be doing in your practice each and every week.

I will also show you why the P and L reports you get from your accountant – are largely worthless to the average health business owner.

Hope to see you at the London and Manchester events THIS weekend.

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Good luck in your health business.