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A Great Script to Get Patients Booked in with Other Therapists

One of my Private mentor clients was having some difficulty getting patients to see his other therapists.

You know what it is like as the owner of a health business – most of the clients want to be treated by you – and the doctor referrals are most often also directed to you.

This can make it hard to expand the business – and to keep your other therapists fully booked.

In our discussion I suggested my private client get his admin team to try the following scripts – as a way to encourage some of the callers to book a session with another therapist – instead of the owner.

In this example we have been quite aggressive and actually closed the owners books to new patients.

You may be more relaxed than this initially and mention the long waiting period to get an appointment with the owner – however the “closing of the books” sends a very clear signal that the patient will need to see another therapist.

See what you think – and give these scripts a go – they have always worked in my clinics and in the practices of my other private clients:

Client : “I need to make an appointment with Brian ( the owner)  please

Admin: ” Have you seen Brian before

Client : “No – this is my first appointment

Admin “Brian is not taking any new clients at the moment as he is spending more of his time doing advanced team training so we can help more people – however I can fit you in with Stephen who is an excellent and experienced therapist who does exactly the same treatments as Brian – what have you done?”

Notice the move from a factual explanation to a more general question at the end – ie “What have you done?” – so the admin team gets the chance to discuss the specific issue and give the caller the best solution possible.

If the caller is still not convinced  to see another therapist – you can try and book them into a timeslot with the other therapist but say:

I can’t get you in with Brian – however I will book a slot with Stephen –  Brian will be at the practice at the same time you are coming in so I will ask Stephen to discuss your case with Brian – so you will get the best possible outcome – how does that sound“?

I know many owners are afraid of possibly turning away clients – however if you plan on running a business that does not require you to be at your clients beck and call – you are going to have to take a stance at some stage.

It may as well be NOW.

Try a version of these scripts and see what works the best.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time expanding on the best scripts used by successful health business owners to grow their businesses and remove them from full time consulting.

With special focus on how to get clients moved over to your to other therapists.

Hope to see you in the London and Manchester in May.

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Good luck in your health business.