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How Health Professionals Get Ripped Off and What to Do About It !!!

One of my fantastic Profit Club members posted a great question in the Member Only forum about the value in sponsoring local events and clubs.

In this example he had been approached to sponsor the hole at a local golf course and was not sure if it was worth the money.

You know the deal – you pay to have your business name plastered on or around the tee area at a certain hole and are promised exposure to thousands of local golfers – desperate to use your services.

This type of sponsorship offer raises serious concerns for me.

I see way too many hard working health business owners getting ripped off time and time again by smart sales people selling these sponsorship deals – who effectively prey on the poor unsuspecting business owner – as most are pretty easy targets.

Many health business owners do not understand marketing – and oftentimes agree to pay good money for these “sponsorship” opportunities – simply because they do not know what else to do to market their practices.

The owner thinks – “Well at least I am doing some marketing” and happily carry on treating their clients.

This situation is not limited to sponsoring golf club holes – it relates equally to sponsorship of other sporting clubs, paying to be on the appointment cards at the local medical centre, paying for signage at the local sports ground – the list goes on.

Regarding the sign itself and how to never get ripped off again – here is my take on it.

I believe the sign on the hole is largely worthless – UNLESS you can put an effective offer on it – which will allow you to track the number of callers ie

Is Your Back Pain Reducing Your Drive? Call 9999999 for a FREE “Keep Me playing Golf” assessment.

Then you can measure the number of callers and see if sponsoring this hole and having your offer on the sign is worth it next year.

NEVER just put your business name and phone number on the sign – this will be a guarantee of poor results from this campaign.

You need to craft an offer that you can track for this sponsorship to be even a chance of being successful.

I would suggest a lead generation offer – like the one above – ie a Free assessment of some sort – or a free phone call – to get them engaged in some way.

Then track your conversions from there.

So in essence the actual media may be OK – but you need to be very clear regarding the message you put on these signs – and make a definite and trackable offer which will allow you to assess the effectiveness (or not) of the chosen media.

I hope this information lets you get more value from your marketing dollar and at least reduce the chance of you being ripped off in the future.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time on the best marketing systems used by successful health business owners to grow their businesses.

Hope to see you in the London and Manchester in May.

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Good luck in your health business.