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Silly Things People Say in Business – Don’t Do This

My beautiful wife Helen and I are looking at getting a kitchen renovated – so we have been making our way around various kitchen showrooms – and speaking to lots of sales people.

As usual – I am always on the lookout for how sales people operate and the words they use to engage you in the process.

OK – I need therapy – but it keeps me busy.

Anyway – at one kitchen showroom the sales person lets rip a classic  -she said:

All our designers do our 6 weeks course so they are up to date with the latest kitchen trends“.

Now I walked away thinking – “I hope they have more than 6 weeks experience in kitchen design”.

Anyway – we made our way to another kitchen place -place and the sales person said of their design team:

Our designers Brian and Peter have been designing kitchens for over 20 years each and have won a host of design awards – you can see some of the awards over there“.

This sales person then went into greater detail about the awards, the magazines their kitchens have been featured in, as well as how busy the designers are so we would need to make an appointment fast to see them.

What a difference a few words makes in the perception of these two companies.

For all we know the 6 week guys may have also been designing kitchens for 20 years but have to do a 6 week refresher each year to stay “on trend”.

However – that is not how it came across when the first sales person spoke to us.

So what does this mean for you as a health business owner?

Firstly – be alert and listen closely to what you and your team are saying in every interaction with a current or future client.

Secondly – the moment you hear a vague description or non convincing recommendations from one of your team about one of your other team members – fix this straight away.

I was once at the counter of a health business where a potential patient was asking the admin team member about a specific therapist – it went something like this:

Patient – “I have been recommended to make an appointment with John the massage guy – is he a good therapist?”

Admin Team – ” I hav’nt had a massage from John myself but I don’t hear any complaints“.

I am sure you can see the problem – but the worst thing is conversations like this may have been happening for years in this business and the owner has not done anything about it.

At least get John to give the admin person a great massage so the admin team member can speak first hand about how good the therapist is.

The script then becomes something like:

John is fabulous – I have a massage with him last week and it was just fantastic – you will love it”.

It is not hard to fix these scripts and systems – you just need to be on the lookout for the bad conversations and be willing to train your team to have better and more productive dialogue with clients.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time on the best scripts and systems used by successful health business owners to increase conversions and reduce cancellations.

Hope to see you in the London and Manchester in May.

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Good luck in your health business.