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Is Your Website at Risk? Don’t Let This Happen to You

A very quick message to warn you about a possible- but very preventable issue – that being website security.

One of my private mentor clients (a very sharp business owner by the way) just had his full website deleted from his hosts server.

To his absolute horror – he discovered that part of his site become infected or corrupted and the end result was his website was simply erased from the internet.

No backup – no warning – nothing.

So he needs to effectively rebuild his full website again – from scratch.

Now in the online world – we are always at risk of corruption and viruses – however please be aware of these risks and put systems in place to minimize the damage caused when these issues arise.

One thing you MUST DO is to check with your website hosting service to ensure they do regular backups of your site – with frequent restore points – or find out how to do this yourself.

That way – should infection occur – you can always restore the website to a point in time before the infection – and all can be back up and running quickly.

My super sharp private client thought his site was being automatically backed up – but found out the hard way – it was not being done.

Get on the phone or email NOW -and double check that your site is being backed up regularly.

As Andy Grove – the former CEO of Intel once said:

Only the paranoid survive

So do yourself a favour – and double check this NOW.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time speaking about the paranoid ways of of successful health business owners – and how a healthy dose of paranoia can help you in your business success.

Hope to see you in the London and Manchester in May.

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Good luck in your health business.



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