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What is Wrighty Protesting About Now?

Being a huge fan of freedom of speech – I love a good protest (provided it is in the right spirit and non violent of course)

I just enjoy seeing passionate people fired up about their cause and trying to get their views across.

I am involved in one such protest at the moment.

In my home town of Newcastle – just north of Sydney – our local council (in their infinite wisdom) – have approved the running of a V8 Supercar race in and around historic Newcastle East in November.

Now being a ratepayer in Newcastle East – my beautiful wife Helen asked me to attend a protest by Newcastle east residents and supporters – just to find out more about what is going on and how the race will impact access to our property during the event.

See the photo below for how involved I was at the protest when the protest organisers played a recording of the noise level we will experience when the cars fly by.

That’s ME sitting in the gutter as the car engine recording played and the protest carries on around me:

Now my emails and messages are rarely political – for exactly the reason I am going to expand on here – and impart today’s lesson for health business owners.

You are never going to please everyone.

For every Newcastle East resident impacted by the race – there will be an equal number of Supercar supporters saying how great the race is – and how good the event will be for the Newcastle community.

How does this relate to you and your health business?

Quite simply – as the owner of the business – the buck stops with you and you are always going to have complaints.

Decisions you make every day will be met with varying levels of complaining, whinging and moaning – which is only ever balanced out by the happiness and delight of the opposing side.

In health businesses you will be met by complaints about some of the following:

– Your clients complaining about your price rise

– Your therapists complain about having to work Saturdays or not getting their requested pay rise

– Your landlord complains about the new sign you erected

– Your supplier complains because you have decided to use a new company

– Your admin team complain because you add a new procedure to their daily checklist.

There will be complaints about almost every decision you make as a business owner.

My advice to to simply accept these complaints as one of the costs of being a business owner – and move on with your plans.

You cannot run your business while being at the mercy of your therapists, admin team, suppliers or landlord.

That my friends is a terrible way to run a business.

Of course you should always be fair and try to be the best employer you can be – but not at the expense of running your business the way you want it to run.

You have earned the right to run your business exactly how you want.

That’s why you became a business owner in the first place.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time speaking about the mindset of the successful health business owner – and the essential skills required to live a full and rewarding life as a health business owner.

Hope to see you in the UK in May.

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Good luck in your health business.

Paul Wright



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