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Who Makes the Follow Up Calls in Your Health Business – Anyone?

I am a huge believer in the importance of staying in regular contact with your past and current clients – including using email, text messaging, Facebook and phone calls.

In fact staying in regular contact with your database is one of the best and most effective marketing strategies on the planet for health care businesses – with come clinics boasting a re-booking rate of over 30% from their follow up phone call system.

Run those number past the email marketing and Facebook ads crowd – and you will surely see looks of disbelief and pure envy.

However – at all of my live events and webinars – I am always asked this question.

Who is the best person to make these follow up calls to past patients – is it the therapist, the admin team or me – the business owner?”.

Now in years gone by – my first answer would have always been – the therapist – as they are the person with the highest level of involvement with the client – and the one who knows the patients history the best.

However – these days my answer is not so certain.

In simple terms – I believe the best person in your practice to make these follow up calls to past patients is – DRUM ROLL PLEASE ———-

The team member who gets the best re-booking rate from the call list.

I heard of one practice who found the owners wife – who is not a therapist by the way – and rarely comes into the clinic – is the best re-booker of past patients.

Simply because – the owners wife has an incredible personality and has a real ownership mentality in the business – as you would expect.

That being said – you need to start somewhere – and I would suggest you start off getting your therapists to make their way through their list of past patients and record the % of calls made that result in a re-booking.

Now  don’t get me wrong – this is not just a marketing exercise – it is a patient follow up and client satisfaction phone call – with the ultimate outcome to make sure your clients have had a successful outcome and are moving forward thanks to your help and assistance.

So my suggestion is to start off your therapists on this system – then test other callers (eg admin team member, practice manager, your life partner) if and when the therapists get too busy to make these calls.

At my upcoming UK Business Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester I will spend a lot of time speaking about follow up systems in health care – and have a red hot strategy that should give you above a 90% re-booking rate in these calls.

Hope to see you in the UK in May 2017

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Good luck in your health business.

Paul Wright