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How to Get Your Team Involved in Marketing Your Practice

At a recent Freedom event in Melbourne one attendee this question:

How do I get my team more involved in marketing my business?”

It is a great question and one that I get at many of my events.

There are a number of ways to address engaging your team in marketing activities – however here are 3 of my best solutions:

Solution One

Employ team members who have an interest in marketing in the first place and want to learn this part of the business.

If you employ the right people in the first place – you are then not trying to turn a non marketer into a marketer – a hard transition.

Solution Two

Wrap your marketing activities up in the name of “Client Satisfaction“.

If you want to add a marketing step such as a follow up phone call to past patients to check their progress – don’t talk about it as a marketing exercise – talk about it as a client satisfaction process.

The majority of your so called “Marketing Activities” are really more about making sure your clients are doing well, have had a great outcome, and are fully recovered.

Sell this step to your team as more of a “how are you” call – not a marketing step.

Solution Three

One of the best ways to engage your team in marketing of your business is to teach and train your team about the importance of marketing.

Most health professionals have never been taught about exactly what marketing is and why it is important to a health business.

I have found from personal experience – if you can teach your team what marketing is, why people buy and the truth about selling in health care – your team become much more engaged in your marketing activities.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Patient Attraction System – which is the full DVD, CD and MP3 training from my one day Client Attraction Bootcamp.

Smart owners are getting their team together for a one day training event – or doing one hour sessions over multiple weeks – and completing the training as a group.

These sessions open up great dialogue between team members and break down the barriers many health professionals have about marketing.

You can find out more about the Ultimate Patient Attraction System and how to use it to get your team on the marketing bus by clicking on the link below:

Good luck in your health business.