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Harsh But Fair Business Lessons from the Boss of Amazon

As many of you know – I am an avid reader – and especially love hearing the stories of successful business leaders.

I am currently deeply into “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” by Brad Stone

A sensational read for anyone wanting to understand Jeff Bezos – the genius behind one of the worlds business giants – Amazon.

The book is full of insights into how Amazon has become such a huge organization and the battles it needed to fight along the way – however – as always – there are parts of the book that resonate clearly for me.

One of them was how Bezos always made the tough decisions himself – even when his team thought he was off target.

My favourite quote from the book is taken from a team meeting Bezos was having with his senior executives – when he is reported to have said:

Do I need to go and get the certificate that says I’m CEO of the company to get you all to stop challenging me on this?”.

This is a classic Bezoz line – and one many health business owners can learn from and copy.

I know I am old school and not really into the touchy – cuddling – management style – but this is a classic lesson for all health business owners.

You are the CEO

You decide how things are done in YOUR business

The buck stops with you.

Way too many health business owners cower to the demands of their team members and fail to stamp their authority on their business.

This soft management style – leads many owners to feel they are not in control of their business at all – and are at the mercy of their teams.

Do not run your business like this.

Take a stand – set the agendas – set the rules – and enforce them to the best of your ability.

Never let your team determine what happens in your health business.

You are the CEO – this is YOUR job.

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