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How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business – What I Never Thought I Would Say

As most of you know – I have never been a big fan of social media – lots of time wasted for little results.

However – my business mentors keep telling me I need to engage more with my clients and move with the times – and the explosion and popularity of Facebook means that I DO need to get more involved in social media.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not about to spend hour after hour posting cat videos and images of me paddling my surf ski (when I can stay on it) – but I do appreciate the power of connection and have a tip that all health business owners could learn from.

Create a Facebook group for your practice – and invite all clients to join it.

Now many of you have already done this – however if you haven’t then now is the time to get more connected with your clients and stay in touch – even if they are not currently receiving treatment.

I have recently created 2 Private Facebook Groups – one for members of my Profit Club program – and one for the exclusive use of One Minute Practice software users.

Obviously being Private groups – gives my club members exclusive access to me and the hundreds of other smart health business owners in my programs.

I log in each day and answer any questions our members may have or add some useful content to help in their practice growth.

You can do the same for the clients of your health practice..

Set up a group and get your team to post interesting and engaging content every few days – also reply to messages and comments when they come in.

Whilst I am acutely aware of the value of mine and your time – there is no escaping the fact – you need to be more engaged and in contact with your current and future clients – and Facebook groups is a great way to manage this relationship.

I am not yet ready to heavily engage in the open facebook community – however setting up groups and staying in contact with your database by this means – is still a great way to keep front of mind with your current and future clients.

If you are a Profit Club member or user of One Minute Practice and have not yet joined the Private Facebook group please email us and we will send you the link to the groups where you can apply to join.

Once we check your membership is valid – you will be allowed access to the group and to me – just another benefit of being a member of one of my programs.

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