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Guns’N’Roses Concert Update – Axl Rises

Well – well – well – it appears I have caused uproar at the “Guns N Roses” fan club – after my comments about not attending the Gunners show in Sydney – but praising the Bruce Springsteen concert the night before.

For those who missed my original “What Guns N Roses Can Learn from Bruce Springsteen” article you can catch up on it at my blog at:

As I said in my original post – I love Guns N Roses – but I just was not willing to take the risk on the quality of their show – too many legal dramas, partying, drugs etc etc

However – here are just a few of the comments I received from passionate Gun N Roses fans – supporting Axl and the boys:

” Wrighty -you missed a great show – should have taken the risk

Incredible night – should have been there”

“You should have you-tubed the previous concerts online to see the quality – that would have dropped your uncertainty!”

OK – I am sure it was a great show – but I stand by my original comments.

I also don’t think I should have had to you-tube their recent shows – to see how good they were going to be.

I did’nt you-tube Bruce Springsteens last shows – because I was certain what I was going to get – so there was no need.

In fairness to the Gunners – I am also getting soft in my old age – so hated the thought of not being undercover in the stadium event – in case of bad weather.

A lesson learnt the hard way by the hail damaged attendees of the Springsteen outdoor concert last Saturday night near my home town of Newcastle – Australia.

There was also the risk of poor sound quality – which can happen in some outdoor stadium events.

So – what lesson are we still learning from Bruce and the Gunners?

Make the decision as easy as possible for your clients and remove as many risks as possible when developing your relationship with potential clients.

Post lots of you-tube videos sharing great injury prevention and training tips.

Invite potential clients to free seminars and events where you share great useful information.

Open up a free phone helpline where potential clients can call and speak to you and your team about their specific issues.

As my good friend and UK health business expert Paul Gough says – “You need to build a bridge that allows your clients to slowly make their way into your business”.

Do whatever you can to build trust in your potential clients – so when they are ready – they will call you and make that appointment – and do it with 100% confidence they are going to get a great outcome from your treatments and skills.

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In these events I will show you step by step – how to ensure every session you and your team delivers hits the mark – and exactly what you need to do to ensure your business does not become a victim of UNCERTAINTY in the eyes of your clients.

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