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What Guns’N’Roses Can Learn from Bruce Springsteen About Business

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Bruce Springsteen concert in Sydney a few back – and what a concert it was.

Great music, great passion and an unbelievable energy – WOW.

I even got a photo with Bruce (well sort of).

As Helen and I were walking to the venue we heard music coming from inside ANZ stadium – an outdoor arena just next to the indoor stadium Bruce Springsteen was about to perform in.

It turns out ANZ stadium was the venue for a Guns N’ Roses concert – which was to be held the night after Bruce’s show – and the crew were doing a sound check.

Now as a carryover from my 1980’s bodybuilding days – I am also a huge Guns N Roses fan – and for a fleeting second – Helen and I  thought about extending our stay in Sydney and taking in the Gunners show the next night.

However – one thing stopped us (and it is something all business owners need to be aware of) – it was an uncomfortable level of UNCERTAINLY.

I was uncertain what sort of show Axl Rose and the boys would put on after all these years.

I had heard about their infighting and legal issues.

I had heard about their wild ways and constant partying – all be it a long time ago.

So – in my analytical head – I was not willing to take the risk on the quality of the Guns N Roses show – simply because of my level of uncertainty.

I had no such uncertainty when we waited patiently for the Springsteen show to start.

We knew exactly what we were going to get – 3-4 hours of great music, passion and entertainment.

You have to think about the level of uncertainty your clients experience in the dealings with your health business.

Are the treatments and services you and your team deliver each and every day consistently GREAT?

Do your clients know exactly what they are going to get each and every time?

Or do your clients run the risk of getting poor treatment, a shorter sessions with a junior therapist, or a therapist running late and rushing them through?.

Your clients make a buying decision every time they arrange a follow up booking or call your clinic – so you had better make sure you deliver a great treatment every single visit.

You MUST have systems in place to ensure a consistent delivery of not only the treatment session – but the carefully structured follow up processes.

These systems take careful creation, painstaking training and regular checking and double checking.

You need a 100% money back guarantee – to help your clients decide to take the risk on using your services.

I had no such guarantee on the Guns N Roses show – so if went ahead and booked a ticket and they sucked – I was out of pocket – big time.

I was being asked to take all the risk.

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