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Here We Go – The Essential Start for 2017

After your Christmas break (assuming you had one) it is important to start the new year off on the right foot – and not carry over any bad habits from the past year.

A new year – a new start.

To kick start your new year I suggest all health business owners spend some time planning and documenting your 90 Day goals for the first quarter of 2017.

It is vital you all have a clear plan to work from – so you do not get caught up wasting valuable time on tasks that do not move you closer to one of your first quarter 90 day goals.

In my case – my first quarter 2017 goals are firmly based around getting great registrations for my Australian “Freedom Blueprint” seminar events coming to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in March 2017.

Then moving onto my UK Mastermind and Freedom Blueprint events in London and Manchester in May 2017.

You cannot run a successful business without having clear goals that allow you to stay focused and on task – otherwise you end up being distracted – race around putting out fires – and essentially getting nowhere.

Do not make this mistake.

If you are looking for a template or program to keep your 90 day goals on track – you can find a full section in the One Minute Practice business tracking portal – dedicated to “90 Day Goals”.

You can also read a full chapter on “90 Day Goals” in my book – “How to Run a One Minute Practice” – which you can order at:

Take the time to plan for first 90 days of 2017 – otherwise you are setting yourself up for another year of missed opportunities and poor business growth.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

UK Events in May 2017- Pre-Register for the Mastermind NOW.

I will be hosting the first ever TEN Attendee ONLY Mastermind event in LONDON on Friday May 5th, 2017.

I am currently finalizing venues and event pages however if you want to pre-register your interest in one of the TEN ONLY seat at the Mastermind – please click on the link below and enter your details.

Priority for one of the 10 ONLY seats will be given to those who have entered their name and email into the pre-registration list.

I will also be hosting a 4 hour “Health Business Freedom Blueprint” seminar on Saturday May 6th (also in London) and on Sunday May 7th in Manchester.

I will have more information on the Freedom Blueprint events once the pages are up and venues confirmed.
Book Paul to Present at Your Next Conference or Event

If you are a conference organizer or involved in event planning for your association – and would like me to present at your event please email my admin team at  and they will send you my speaking information kit.

Alternatively click on the link below to download my most recent speaking brochure.