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A Quick and Profitable Christmas Sales Booster for Your Health Business

In my private mentor coaching calls this week I was talking about making the most of the Christmas gift season – and how to get our teams more involved in Christmas gift marketing.

The majority of health businesses already have a range of possible gifts that many current and past clients would purchase – if the clients and patients just knew about them or were spoken to about them.

Possible health business gifts include massage or treatment vouchers, exercise balls, hot packs, inserts or even pillows – depending on your particular practice.

However – other than putting up a few signs or sending the odd email – the majority of health businesses do not do enough to let their clients know about these gift options – leaving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the table at the end of the year.

Do not make this mistake.

If you have a range of possible gifts in your practice – I suggest you copy onto your letterhead a simple lists all of your gift items – then add a headline that says something like “Stuck for a Gift Idea this Christmas?

Your admin team are then instructed to give the sheet to all clients who come into the practice and say:

If you are stuck for a few last minute gifts – here are some ideas from us you may not have considered

Then hand them the sheet.

You will be staggered at how many of your clients have no idea you sold gift vouchers, hot packs, orthopaedic shoes etc etc.

You will also be amazed at how many of your clients will buy one of these gifts for you – simply because it is so much better than having to fight the crowds at the shopping centres this time of year.

Get your admin team to create this gift list TODAY – the clock is ticking.

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