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Tis the Season to be “SMART” – Read This or Lose Thousands – Again

I send this message to health business owners every year at this time – but still hear many team members failing to follow this important direction.

In case you are new to my email list or have forgotten the lesson from the last few years it is absolutely vital that you and your team members avoid the “Six Words of Death” that are killing the January profits of thousands of health businesses.

The “Six Words of Death” that need to be avoided like the plague – as we get closer to Christmas are:

“Call Me In The New Year” – usually said at the end of a clients last consult before Christmas in relation to their next session or booking.

Remember the number one rule when it comes to booking appointments at your health business:

“Never let the client be in charge of when the next appointment is booked”

You are the professional – you decide when the next session is to be held – don’t leave it for the client to call you in the new year.

The best case is for you to have a therapist on duty over the Christmas break (except public holidays) so all clients can continue their rehab programs – even in a slightly reduced format.

The next best option – if no holiday coverage is available – is to make a definite appointment for the first available time after the holiday period – but make sure you give the client excellent instructions and a strict home exercise program to maintain their gains.

I encourage all health professionals to meet with your team asap and remind them of the importance of cross referral to the holiday therapist – or at least make a definite appointment for when you and the client are both back from holidays.

Failure to act on this NOW can set you up for a poor start to 2016 – and put serious strain on your new year bank statements.

I know I sound the same warning each and every year – but for some reason health business owners and their teams keep forgetting this important message.

You have been warned – yet again.

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