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Three Essential Christmas Promotions Used by the Worlds Best Health Businesses

My private mentoring clients and I are constantly working on and testing great promotions and offers we can make to our respective patient and client databases.

With Christmas approaching – this is a great time to make some offers to your database.

So in the spirit of giving – here are just a couple of our most successful Christmas offers and promotions – guaranteed to help grow your bank balance and bring some fun to your clinic this December.

Massage Vouchers and Packages

Hopefully you are all selling gift vouchers of some sort in the Christmas buying period – however some of my clients have received great income boots by bundling multiple vouchers into a “Christmas Massage Pamper Package“.

The Pamper Pack may contain vouchers for 2,4,6 and even 10 massages – at ever increasing prices.

Never underestimate the ability of your clients to spend more than you think – your job is to simply give them the ability to do so.

Use it or Lose It

One of the best end of year promotions involves letting your clients know that many health fund (or insurance) rebates expire at the end of December – and they lose any unused benefits at the end of the year.

This “fear of loss” can be a powerful motivator to get patients to take action in December and make an appointment to fix that nagging injury or pain.

Some clinics even off “Rebate Only” initial consults (where the clinic accepts whatever the insurer pays for the session as full payment- so no co-pay) – with others promoting the same offer as “Free Therapy”.

As long as you know your numbers, have available therapist capacity and are confident on your teams ability to re-book follow up sessions – these promotions can be very effective.

Sing a Christmas Carol Promotion

To add some fun (and to get some cheesy videos for your Facebook posts and Blog) some of my private clients have even launched the “Sing a Christmas Carol” promotion.

This is a gem of an idea and will really bring a smile to the faces of everyone in your clinic – and your social media fans and followers.

In this promotion you offer a reward (gift) to all clients who sing one or two lines from their favorite Christmas carol while in the clinic or on the treatment couch – on the proviso you can video their performance and post it on your social media outlets.

The reward does not have to be big  it may be a candy cane, a free massage ball – or some other low cost item.

You can also add more fun to this by getting the therapist to join in and sing the next verse of the carol – again recorded for your posts and blog..

Aside from being a lot of fun – and bringing Christmas into your business – your social media followers and website visitors can’t help but see how much fun you have at work – and get a very positive feeling from your business.

It is not that hard to add fun and make offers to your databases at this time of year – just get out there and have a go.

I hope these ideas help you in your health business.

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