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Who Said Staff Turnover is Bad for Business?

I recently received an email from a health business owner – having trouble with a team member who was complaining about feeling there were no real incentive to stay working in the business as a treating health professional.

This team member wanted to become a partner in the practice and have some ownership – or at least become a contractor – so they felt like they were running their own business.

The disgruntled team member was also complaining to the admin manager and sharing their opinions on why there was some element of staff turnover at the practice.

Blah – Blah – Blah

I was so fired up by the plight of the hard working and highly ethical business owner (I know them personally and they run an excellent health practice with great training and systems) – I thought this topic was worth commenting on for all owners (and team members to read).

I call my comment and reply – “Staff Turnover – Who Said it is Bad for Business !!!”

Here goes: (I can’t wait for the emails over this one – ha ha)

Dear Health Business Owner:

Whilst I feel your pain and stress – this disgruntled team member situation is simply the lot of a business owner – in every field – especially in today’s world of limited team loyalty.

As a great business owner you decide if you want partners or not – and you most certainly don’t decide to take on a partner because a team member becomes disgruntled and may leave.

This is the worst reason of all to get involved in a partnership.

You are a great employer – but team turnover is just part and parcel of the modern business – and if your team members want more incentives – yet and you have done all you can to keep them happy – then they also need to decide to go.

There is a  limit to how much incentive – you can give to team members – and if your limit is lower then theirs – again – they can decide to leave.

I lost countless team members because I did not want partners – and also because I enforced protocols – but whats the alternative?

Get into a partnership with someone you don’t want to be partners with?

Or have the team doing things as they please?

I would take staff turnover any time.

So DO NO take this situation personally.

You have done all you can to keep your team happy, motivated, educated and successful – the rest is up to them.

Again – this is why we should always be hiring and always recruiting – so we can decide what happens in the business.

If I was in your shoes I would sit this team member down – and listen to their issues – but at the end of the day you can only do so much – for any team member.

Sometimes as a business owner you just need to sit and listen – not necessarily solve the problem for them – as this may be more their issue than yours.

I often hear owners complaining about their teams – but think about it for a moment – what’s the alternative?

Doing it all yourself – treating all the clients, answering the phones, doing the invoices – NO THANKS.

Remember this when you are getting grief from the team – they give you – as the business owner – freedom of time and freedom of money ( assuming of course you are making any money and taking time off when and where you like).

That’s good enough payoff for me to cop the odd bagging from an unhappy team member.

Staff turnover is just part of being a business owner – deal with it – make it as painless as possible – and move on.

I hope this helps you in your health business.

I welcome your opinions on this topic.

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