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How to Get a $400 Pair of Orthotics for Free and a Business Secret for All of Us

Canadian Seminars Kick Off This FRIDAY November 4th in Montreal and All Attendees Receive a FREE Pair of Custom Orthotics Valued at Over $400

If you are  a Canadian health professional and have not yet registered for my Business Freedom Blueprint seminars then you need to register NOW — and remember all event attendees will receive a FREE pair of custom Orthotics from our great sponsors – The Orthotic Group – valued at OVER $400.

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Note- The FREE Orthotics will not be available at the Winnipeg event attendees.

A Business Secret from the FREE Orthotic Offer – What This Means to You as a Practice Owner

As you can see from the text above and from my recent emails – my premium event sponsor – The Orthotic Group – are giving away a FREE pair of Gaitscan Orthotics to every attendee of my upcoming Canadian seminar series.

A great offer – as these orthotics sold in my clinics for over $400 a pair.

So aside from a way to encourage Canadian clinic owners to register for one of these events – what is the business lesson for you?

There are many lessons to be learnt from this offer, however one of the most important is to appreciate how vital it is for you to find great joint venture partners to help you grow your health business.

It is a long, slow and lonely road if you try and build your business on your own – so it makes sense to identify other businesses who you can work closely with to build your business.

To identify who you can approach about joint venture opportunities I always ask two questions:

1. Who else HAS my customers and clients?

2. Who else WANTS my customers and clients?

You can see clearly how this works from my long and successful relationship with The Orthotic Group.

The Orthotic Group – are an international company with a huge database of of health business owners across many professions – including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Podiatrists.

So very clearly they already have a lot of clients and contacts who would benefit from my health business building programs and products.

Likewise – I also have a large database of motivated health business owners who The Orthotic Group – would love to meet and show them how good their Gaitscan orthotics are and how they can help these owners grow their practices.

I am sure you can see how beneficial this cross promotion can be for both myself and The Orthotic Group.

Learn from this example and make your own list of possible joint venture partners.

It may be your local gym, sports teams, coffee shop, beauty salon, doctor or specialist – the list is endless.

Simply make a list of those companies and businesses that have your clients or want your clients – and approach them to see if they are interested in some sort of joint venture relationship.

That’s how my relationship with The Orthotic Group started many years ago – and is still going strong today as we launch our third Canadian tour together.

So get started today – make your joint venture lists – and start building a bigger and more successful business the fast way – with joint venture partners.

If you want to know more about how the best and most successful health  businesses operate (and also get a FREE pair of Gaitscan Orthotics)  –  make sure you register for my Canadian seminars kicking off in Montreal this Friday November 4th, 2016.

Find out more and reserve your seat for the “Business Freedom Blueprint” events in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa or Winnipeg by clicking on the link below:

For non Canadians I am planning more events in early 2017 – so keep an eye on your email in box for dates and venues.