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How to Measure Admin Team Performance – The Most Important Number of All

In my Business Freedom Blueprint seminars – I always get heavily into measurement and accountability of all team members in a health care business.

We discuss the best and most effective Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used in some of the worlds leading health businesses – and there are some absolutely incredible numbers you need to be tracking for your therapists.

However – I can count on one hand the number of health businesses who have the same level of accountability for the performance of their admin teams.

Yet – I can tell you from experience – your practice can succeed or fail on the back of your admin team performance.

So how can you track the progress and performance of your admin team in a quick and easy way?

Well – for a start – from the time of your initial interview with a potential admin team member – they are told over and over again how important they are to the success of your business – and exactly how their performance will be measured.

When tracking and recording admin team performance there are a wide range of possible KPI’s you can use – however – this is my absolute favourite and the MOST important admin KPI of all.

It is the clinic and therapists – Utilization Rate – ie – how fully booked are each of the therapists in the clinic with paying patients.

All admin team members MUST know their NUMBER ONE job in your business is to fill the appointment book.

All available slots MUST be filled as often as possible – so the admin team must prioritize activities that fill the book (and thus drive income) over non income producing tasks that may occupy their time – such as updating their facebook status (sorry I could’nt help myself).

The admin team member needs to be all over the cancellation register, making sure all appointments suggested by the treating therapist are book in advance and ensuring all general enquiries are converted into appointments.

Unfortunately – many owners judge the admin team performance on how well the admin team complete their list of set duties – and forget about measuring their ability to impact on the billing centres of the business – – ie the appointment book.

Do not make this mistake.

You must continually spend time training your admin team on effective appointment book filling principles and systems – and not just leave it to the admin team to work out for themselves.

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