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How to Make an Extra $1000 a Week in Your Health Business

I just had a fantastic weekend with private practice owners in Perth and Adelaide who attended my Client Attraction Bootcamps.

In these events I shared the secrets of effective health business marketing – what to say in their adverts ( the Message) , who to send their message to ( the Market)  – and how to best deliver these messages ( the Media).

However – there is a fundamental problem they( as many of you) need to overcome BEFORE starting ANY external marketing – and it is this:


Sorry to shout – but this is such an important concept – and if you don’t appreciate this – you can waste thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns.

So what do I mean when I say – Fix the Internal Systems?

I am talking about the critical success factors in your business -such as:

– the way the phone is answered and what your admin team say

– the information collected on the new patient registration form and what to do with it to grow your business exponentially

– what your therapists say when they are re-booking the patients and how this can be halving your profits and giving clients a badoutcome

– what your admin team do when making these re-bookings that reduce your clients progress.

– the follow up system that makes the client feel special and tell all their friends.

– re-activating the past client who has dropped out of care – but is still not 100% better.

– your cancellation system and why some of your clients will never come back once they have cancelled an appointment.

These are just some of the many leaks almost all health businesses experience on a day to day basis – which are costing thousands and thousands of dollars each and every week.

You have to earn the right to do external marketing of your business – because spending money on external advertising will be a recipe for disaster if you are not 100% certain – that your internal steps are being followed to the letter.

So how do you make an extra $1000 a week in your health business?

You fix the internal systems BEFORE spending your hard earned dollars on expensive advertising and marketing programs such as google adwords, facebook, newspaper ads, letterbox drops,etc etc.

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