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Have You Lost Your Passion for Health Care ?

I hear it over and over again from great health business owners.

I love seeing patients and making a difference but the business stuff just gets in the way“.

This is true for so many health business owners.

They originally became a health professional because they had a passion for helping people and for making a difference to peoples lives – but somewhere along the way – this passion was extinguished (or at least dampened) by the other demands placed upon them each and every week.

You all know what I am talking about.

The majority of health business owners are not only treating patients – they are also running the business that delivers these treatment sessions.

They are responsible for hiring, firing, team training, tax compliance, accounting issues, marketing, payroll, banking, invoicing,program creation – etc etc.

The list is never ending.

As a result of this incredible overwhelm – these great health professionals end up losing their original passion for health care delivery- and struggle from week to week hoping it will some day get better.

Sound familiar?

This is actually a very common occurrence in all businesses ( not just in health care) – in fact Michael Gerbers “E-Myth” principle explains it in great detail.

Gerber talks about the technican (ie the health professional) suffering an “entrepreneurial seizure” and deciding to open a business that does the technical work – even though the new business owner has no training, skill or knowledge of how to actually run a business at all.

My current business – has actually been based around training health business owners how to effectively operate, staff and control a health business – simply because most health professionals have never been show how to do any of this business stuff.

So what does this all mean for you – as a great health businessowner?

Well – by at least being on my email list or reading this post – you understand the need for business education.

You should be reading lots of business development and marketing books – as well as staying up to date with your clinical education.

You should also be attending live seminars that teach you about essential business skills and how it is possible to be a great technical health professional – and still run a great business.

If you are interested in learning how to free yourself from your health business – and not be overwhelmed by the thousands of things you are meant to do each and every day – then make sure you register for my “Business Freedom Blueprint” event to be held in Sydney on Saturday August 13th 2016.

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