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Are You Flogging a Dead Horse?

One of the key sections we will be covering in the Freedom Blueprint seminars is a full review of each attendees actual business model and likely future success.

Unfortunately – for many health business owners – they are flogging a dead horse.

What I mean is that are trying to drive a business where one (or both) of the 2 key drivers are missing.

There is not enough available MARKET – and/or there is a lack of available LABOUR.

Many health business owners are trying to push their product or service to a pool of potential clients that is simply not largeenough – is not desperate enough – or not interested enough in the product or service being offered.

Or the owner is trying to grow the business but there is a severe shortage of available labour – to do the actual work in the business – usually meaning a lack of therapists – even low quality ones.

I learnt many years ago – the most successful businesses have a large supply of potential clients (with real and unmet needs) – combined with an oversupply of quality team members to do the work in the business.

Unfortunately – in many health care settings – even if you have great market conditions – many business struggle with a real lack of available labour.

We will explore this more in the Business Freedom Blueprint events coming to Sydney and Canada in the coming months – but in the meantime – beware of launching any new business venture where you feel there is a limitation in available market or available labour.

Failure to understand these limitations may leave you in the situation some excellent health business owners have found themselves in – having to close or relocate a practice.

At least they realized they were  – “Flogging a Dead Horse” and took steps to correct their situation.

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